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Made-in-Italy quality and highly innovative laser systems

Cutlite Penta equips you with high-performance laser machines, with a low purchase cost and large-sized special systems able to interpolate processing in 3D and in space.
We have a leading position in the market of laser cutting applications with very high power and this makes us very proud because it is a market full of operators with much longer history than ours.

Cutlite Penta corporate core is represented by an organization that is mainly based on the technical expertise related to the product developed: the technicians have always had in fact the key decision-making role in the corporate strategy, being the top levels of the organization continuously committed to R&D activities.
The management’s lean structure allows rapid decision-making that is not really typical of such large-sized organizations.

Cutlite Penta’s advantages

Choosing Cutlite Penta means referring to a machine manufacturer that is linked to the following standards that have brought about such growth in the latest years:

  • Excellent price-quality ratio: laser technology requires ongoing investment but we are sure that excellent machines can be built without necessarily involving very high final costs.
  • Customizations: our technical department makes for nearly 20% of the total number of the employees and aims (besides improving the product depending on technology) to realize tailor-made systems according to the individual customer’s needs.
  • High technology breakthrough with high performance: we are traditionally the best manufacturers in the field of plastic and die-board cutting but nowadays the leading market is sheet metal cutting and we are exploiting any possible applications of this technology including large-sized machines, processing in space and applications of fiber laser high power in ordinary manufacturing of any business.
    The very high-power laser applications lead to an increase in the possible thickness to be processed and a rise in cutting speed resulting in cost reduction that makes previously used technologies obsolete.

2D flat cuts system!

laser cutting system Fiber Plus which allows great productivity even on complex geometries.

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