Fiber laser machines

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3D cutting

50 kW of fiber laser source and a new specially designed laser cutting Penta Evo3 Fiber Head: our laser systems are equipped with the most advanced technology able to carry out the heaviest operations. Due to such special cutting head excellent results are guaranteed in terms of speed, efficiency and solidity.
Cutting metal with carbon dioxide lasers or fiber lasers has been for years a technology applied to several business sectors: car and aviation industry, and companies producing interior design and catering items.

Fiber Compact

Fiber Compact is the brand new machine for 3D cutting. Its fiber laser source allows treating metals. Therefore, its natural application is within the precision mechanical engineering industry . Linear motors  allow rapidly reaching the most difficult corners of the piece to be treated.

Linear Cube

Linear Cube is an innovative laser cutting system made up of 5 axes including three Cartesian (X,Y,Z) axes and two polar (B,C) axes. The monolithic structure featuring onboard laser source allows definitely reducing installation times while guaranteeing the utmost balance of optical alignments.

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