Hardware Solutions


This option allows optimisation of processing times, almost entirely masking loading and unloading times.

Manual Extraction Table

Manual extraction bench for loading/ unloading materials to be processed.

Two-level Worktable Changeover

Two-level worktable changeover allows the table to be changed in approximately 15 seconds, almost completely masking loading and unloading times – the fiber plus system is the fastest on the market today.

Pallet lift changeover

This optional extra allows optimisation of processing times by reducing loading and unloading times of the sheet metal.

Automatic Nozzle Replacement

Automatic nozzle replacement is an option whereby the machine automatically changes the cutting head nozzle with no need for operator involvement.

Tube Size Detection

Tube size optical detection sensor.


A position camera that enables remote monitoring and viewing of machine operation.

Smart Weld

It allows detecting the position of the weld bead (both external and internal) before the bar is loaded into the machine, while the previous bar is being processed.

Smart Mandrel

Electro spindle with a 10-bay automatic tool change device, to execute flow drilling and tapping up to M12.

Smart Cleaning

Device for collecting internal scraps on a round tube.

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