• Laser Processing Solutions

    Laser cutting plays a central role in the productive processes of the quaternary sector of economy, and with its 2D and 3D systems, Cutlite Penta meets all the needs of a market that will continue to grow. Versatile and dependable, the Cutlite Penta systems can cut any material, from basic steel to brass and copper with the same excellent cutting quality.

  • Cutting plexiglas is our specialty

    Cutlite Penta systems is a leader in manufacturing laser cutting systems for plexiglas and plastic materials.

  • Laser production is within reach

    Discover our 2D and 3D CO2 and Fiber laser solutions

Sistemi Laser

Laser System

Excellent performance require a solid heart. Inside every Cutlite laser system beats an El.En. high efficiency CO2 laser sources.: that guarantees high level performance. You can count on our systems to ensure your customers the highest quality on the market. Read more

Serie Plus

PLUS LM 3020

The linear motors ensure excellent dynamic performance which is expressed by rapid speed more than 140m/min and acceleration of 2.2 g, therefore improving productivity. The working area is 3080x2050 mm. The system can be equipped with the pallet exchanger that allows to speed up loading/unloading without processing interruption. Read more

Laser Applications

Quick as lightning, as precise as a computer, as flexible as a human operator: thanks to these features the laser replaced the mechanical methods of industrial processing of materials. Cutlite Penta systems are specialized in dealing with plastic, metal and wood, in the 3D cutting operations and to create cutting dies at high level of detail. Read more

Macchinari Usati


We build our CO2 laser systems using high quality materials. That's why they are reliable and last longer. Find out more about our second-hand models. Read more

Scopri News & Eventi


In the world of laser techonology, innovation moves at the speed of light. That's why our engineers don't miss any of the major international events dedicated to laser technology. Know more about the latest Cutlite news and events. Read more

Azienda Cutlite


Since 1992 Cutlite Penta designs, manufactures and distributes laser machines for industrial processing. Read more